Harj Bains animated a character I sketched out.
This adorable bastard is the result. 
Invader Girl - Starting Fires, Directed by Powster, 
Motion Direction and Compositing by Harj Bains

Ramadan Idents for STV1, Directed by Sam Taylor of The Line Animation, I helped with the AFX and cleanup

Comped the transition into the end-card on this nice 2D ad by Birdbox.

2014 REEL


Logo balls bump from Harj Bains on Vimeo.

quick live action comp job for this fashion/mobile promo piece


Did some editing on this over at Powster, specifically the looping run cycles amongst a few other bits and bobs

Bloom FM spot, the making of.

Playing around with a looping banner-type GIF

Bloom FM - TV campaign ad

Comped and roto’d a handful of these shots for the lovely people at Partizan, fun project and great to see it on TV over the holiday season!

Looping Spitfire GIF

Testing out an AFX model I made of a spitfire…

Image and video hosting by TinyPic 

Motorcycle lady GIF