animated guitar buddy GIF
geetar man sketch, playing around with new style and colour….GIF to follow soon?
GIF’d up a shot I designed/animated/comped for the Invader Girl - Starting Fires Video, Directed by Powster, full video linked below:
Full Video:

Harj Bains animated a character I sketched out.
This adorable bastard is the result. 
Invader Girl - Starting Fires, Directed by Powster, 
Motion Direction and Compositing by Harj Bains

Ramadan Idents for STV1, Directed by Sam Taylor of The Line Animation, I helped with the AFX and cleanup

Comped the transition into the end-card on this nice 2D ad by Birdbox.

2014 REEL


Logo balls bump from Harj Bains on Vimeo.

quick live action comp job for this fashion/mobile promo piece

Did some editing on this over at Powster, specifically the looping run cycles amongst a few other bits and bobs

Bloom FM spot, the making of.

Playing around with a looping banner-type GIF